What Fell Runners Say At Races Vs What They Actually Mean

Yesterday I heard the amazing news that my little old blog was nominated in the Best Personal Blog category at the Running Awards!  Since I started writing it a couple of years ago, nearly 30000 of you have stopped by for a read which to be frank is unbelievable!  To top off what has been a remarkable couple of years, if a fraction of you headed on over and voted for me that would be downright incredible.  The competition is stiff and there are many great writers in the mix so good luck to everyone.

By far my most popular post of all time was 13 things fell runners say at races versus what they actually mean so I decided to re-blog it with a few additions as suggested by followers, facebookers, instagrammers and tweeters!  So if you enjoy reading this then please follow the earlier link and send a vote my way!

1. I am not here to race, just to get around

Means – I really want to smash my PB and yours too whilst I’m at it

2. I struggled a bit on that final hill

Means – I wanted to lie down and die right there on the path

3. I walked a couple of times

Means – I may as well have got out the picnic blanket and pork pies

4. I am not really that competitive

Means – If you beat me on a Strava segment we can no longer be friends

5. I am only here for the cake

Means – I am only here for the cake (that one really is true)

6. There are only a couple of big climbs in this race that I can remember

Means – there were so many uphills it felt like I never actually descended and was running up one of those mind-bending Escher staircases for 5 miles

7. We are nearly at the top!

Means – we may be (but probably aren’t) at the top of this hill, but there are worse ones to come that I didn’t tell you about

8. I’m trying this new “eat clean” thing

Means – I only had 1 pint after the race instead of 2 and bought mini fish and chips on the way home instead of extra-large with added mushy peas for the vitamins

9. I am never doing that race again

Means – I have to beat my time on that race next year

10. I was told not to run because I am injured

Means – I will finish this race if it kills me and then do another one tomorrow

11. It’s raining? That’s fine it’ll keep me cool during the race

Means – Why am I here when I could be at home drinking wine and watching The Great British Bake Off?

12. I don’t really train that much

Means – I run every day with extra hill/sprint/fartlek/interval/speed/conditioning sessions on top

13. Well raced, there was no way I could catch up with you

Means – I hate you and hope you twist your ankle

14. I should probably do a warm-up

Means – Isn’t that what the first mile is for?

15. Stretching after a race is VERY important

Means – if stretching for your post-race pint counts then I do it everytime without fail

16. Running is so great and cheap, no expensive gym membership each month for me!

Means – I spend the majority of my spare time researching the latest running gear and more of my income than I care to disclose on running shoes/kit/magazines/races/food

17. That descent was a little steep

Means – I must have left my abseiling gear at home

18. I would like to run a marathon one day

Means – 26 miles on the tarmac? You gotta be kidding me


If you enjoyed reading this and my other posts, please scroll back up and click on the Running Awards link to vote. Happy running x


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