Big news

A break from fell running, lots of planning, many sleepless nights and more to come, aches and pains as my body gets used to lots of new stresses, cutting out the booze and big nights out, exhaustion, nerves, anxiety but a little bit of excitement too for the unknown adventure that lies ahead….

Yep, that’s right, I’m running in the 2018 London Marathon!!!!

It does feel a little like announcing a pregnancy. At first I only told a few close friends and family members as I was so nervous about the race that I wanted to keep it quiet for as long as possible to avoid too many questions early on about my training or what my predicted time might be.  The pressure I put myself under was just a little too much to cope with any added expectation on top.  My partner has been amazingly supportive and is really looking after me, even giving me endless foot rubs (it really must be love!).  Plans are in place for race day, with accommodation from a generous friend sorted and my route to the start timed and planned out.  I’ve bought kit and food in preparation for the big day and tried harder to stay healthy and hydrated.  My social life has taken a bit of a back seat as I’m just too tired to be much fun at the moment.  And afterwards, well that’s where the similarities hopefully end, along with the sleepless nights!

Anyone looking at my Strava data may well have had an inkling something was different. My training has suddenly switched from off-road muddy runs to tarmac plodding in all weathers over silly distances.  I was lucky enough to get a qualifying time for a championship place after running a 01:29 pb at Worksop Half back in October.  Even though I had never really considered running a marathon before I decided that I may never get this chance again and it would be an amazing thing to experience at least once in your life.  So here we are, 5 months later and nearly ready to taper in preparation for the big day.

So now it is out there and you all know, I am a turncoat! Any advice from seasoned marathoners is much appreciated as it still feels totally overwhelming and terrifying! Once this is over with and I have recovered I fully intend to get back on with the usual summer of races in the lovely Derbyshire countryside and never run a marathon again….well, maybe.

Please wish me luck and think of me on 22nd April, totally out of my comfort zone and in alien territory.  Happy running x


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