New Year


The best running buddies a girl could ask for, celebrating a win at Brassington with a pint (hoodies available in my shop!)

Well it’s still January so not too late to talk about the year ahead right?!  My excuse for being a bit lax with the blog is a good one though, too busy having fun hoorah! I have talked about my 2017 trials a fair bit in previous posts, but a New Year is a time to look forward and not backwards.  One of my resolutions is to try and focus on the positives and not dwell on any negativity.  The year ended in such unexpectedly beautiful style, and the next one has started so amazingly that I am lucky that this new way of thinking is going well so far

Last years racing community here in Derbyshire surpassed itself, big pat on the back you lovely lot.  I made some great new friends and cemented in place a good few existing ones.  Pre-race banter and post-race pints make for an exceptional way to pass the time.  Even if you cannot or do not want to race, you could always volunteer to marshal.  That way you still get all the benefits of a cheerful race atmosphere just minus the mud, sweat and tears….oo sounds tempting!

So in 2017 I managed 8 first placings, 5 seconds, 9 thirds and 3 fourth positions (plus many others lower down the rankings) – all of which I am over the moon with.  Not only that, many of my times improved including a new half marathon PB of 01:29:30 at Worksop which I honestly never thought was possible.  I rarely do much road running and hadn’t trained for it specifically.  My couple of training runs a week and a summer of races were clearly good for something.  Perhaps I should knuckle down a bit and see what else could be possible!

This year has started wonderfully.  The 1st January saw a modest win at my local pub Fun Run at the Hollybush, a race I do every year but have never managed to win until now.  After a few lovely days at home myself and a couple of my best fell running buddies and trusty hound headed up to Dumfries for the first of many weekend adventures – starting as we mean to go on!  Seize the day, carpe diem, feel the fear and do it anyway, you only live once, and all those other cheesy but oh so true phrases!

2018 for me is about new beginnings in all aspects of my world and I am so excited to see how the year will unfold.  We are all masters of our own destiny so surround yourself with positivity and people who make you smile not those who drag you down, good karma baby!

Happy running x


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