Don’t fret girls, we all do it….

My blog and shop are called fellrunlikeagirl, they’re not meant to be exclusively for us ladies or only about issues which affect women, this is a blog for everyone maaaan woo yeah peace, love and let’s all hold hands etc etc.

Snuffing out the incense for a moment, I recently noticed that this name might be deceptive and maybe there are some super running girls out there who stop by for articles aimed solely at them.  I certainly wondered for a long time whether what I was doing whilst running and racing was “normal” and if everyone else was doing something similar.  After a while it soon became apparent that actually, we all share a lot of the same issues and so to alleviate any further uncertainty I have come up with this handy list to set your minds at rest.  Here we go, my list of top 10 things we all do that we might just not admit to.

1.  Wearing a sports bra for at least 2 runs is fine, scrape it off the floor give it a quick sniff and maybe it will be good for a few more too, efficient and eco-friendly (same applies to shorts, and let’s be honest, t-shirts and vests too)

2.  Toenails, generally painted a nice dark colour because not only does it look cool but more to the point hides all the mud and crap stuck underneath that you can never get out

3.  Calculating the exact number of days you can get away without shaving your legs/underarms and still turn up wearing shorts and a vest to a race

4.  Getting a hair-cut but weighing up how short you can go whilst still being able to tie it up in a ponytail without having to use an entire packet of clips

5.  Running in the summer and trying to work out how to even out that ¾ length legging and t-shirt suntan

6.  When your nice knickers become a bit old, tatty and faded instead of throwing them away, relegating them to a new job of “running knickers”

7.  Buying a new pair of leggings and having to awkwardly bend over whilst looking at your posterior in the mirror to ensure they do not become totally transparent when stretched over your butt cheeks (if you don’t this, you should as I’ve followed many a jazzy pant up and down some of those fells)

8.  Finding that perfect spot for the pre-run wee when the queue for the bog is too monumental to bear. A well-placed shrub, wall or tree will do fine but failing that I’ve known a parked car, clump of grass and ditch work just as well. So long as no one is looking directly at you it’s all good

9.  Needing to fart mid-run (yes, women do it too) and having to check who is around before risking it and hoping beyond hope that it is in fact just a fart

10.  When out on a run and getting to that point where you could quite honestly just lie down face first in the mud but you suddenly see someone in the distance. You instantly straighten up out of that slump, wipe the dead flies off your sweaty forehead and jog by with a cheerful wave and “hello” before waiting until they are out of sight to continue your grumpy plod home

Let me know if you can think of anymore for a future compilation.  If you are proud to run like a girl then why not stop by the shop and have a browse at some of the clothing and accessories I’ve designed.

Happy running x


3 Comments Add yours

  1. shazruns says:

    So proud that yep I do them all. Do relieved I’m not the only one

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rachel says:

    Love this list because I do pretty much all of them! An extra one for me is realising I’m in white shorts and my dark underwear is completely visible through them but thinking at least it’s an incentive to go faster so no one will notice…

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

    Liked by 1 person

  3. filipjaimes says:

    I’ve ran behind a few girls who could well do with reading this! 😂


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