Voted the best in test

IMG_4726Last summer I volunteered to head over to Peterborough to help Trail Running magazine with a photo shoot. The lovely editor Claire Maxted had sent a call out across social media to help them replenish their stock photos using real runners as opposed to models.  I’ve never done anything like that before and as a long-time subscriber to the mag thought it sounded like a fun experience.  The additional promise of free kit as a thank you was also too much of a tempting lure to a kit-a-holic.

Aside from saving the mag money, using real people as opposed to fitness models helps make the articles more appealing to a wider audience as let’s face it, most of us will never make it onto the cover of Men’s/Women’s Health. Upon arrival on a baking hot morning I was warmly greeted by the team and a group of lovely ladies, gents and kids all busy running back and forth for the ever-patient photographer.

I must admit it was a fun few hours out and interesting to see a bit of behind the scenes action as to how elements of the magazine are put together. Chatting to Hannah, one of the content writers, between shots we got talking about my trusty fellrunlikeagirl top.  Hannah thought my brand might fit well in an upcoming clothing feature so we exchanged details and a few days later we had sent a few emails back and forth about using my top in a later edition of the mag.  The mag only comes out quarterly so a few months passed until the feature was ready to be created.  The writer got in touch and ordered a unisex t-shirt printed up with the phrase “Trail Run”, very apt.  I eagerly waited by the door on the morning the magazine was to be delivered to see what the verdict was.

The final piece was a review of various big name brands including the likes of Salomon, Inov-8, Ron Hill, La Sportiva and Mammut. Much to my utter amazement my little top received a very pleasing 9/10 and Best in Test for women to be described as “amazingly comfortable, a great flexible fitting”.  Grinning from ear to ear!  Hoorah for the little guy!

Not only was this a total surprise, but it really made me think. I love my running gear and have items from all the big brands.  We all have our “go to” name of choice that we know and trust.  But sometimes, there are people out there beavering away to create something individual and unique that actually might be just as good if not better than a huge global company.  Perhaps they have a message they want to send out with their clothes that a bigger brand couldn’t.  For me, this was why I set up fellrunlikeagirl after creating the blog.  I wanted to tell the world that us ladies should be proud to run like a girl, that it is a phrase that is not an insult but a compliment and something to be loud and proud about.  Now I have extended the range to include items for men and children so we can all proudly show off what we enjoy to do.

So if you have an idea but you think nothing could ever come of it or you could never compete with big boys, think again. I did and amazing things started to happen.

Happy running x


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  1. Congratulation! That rocks 😀 🤗


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