New Shop!

If you also follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen that a little shop has appeared.  It wasn’t really my intention to do this when I set this blog up.  After having a t-shirt made with Fell Run Like A Girl shamelessly emblazoned across the front, I started to get a fair few comments and enquiries as to where I got it from.  So it seemed to make sense to give folk the opportunity to shout about their love of the fells too.  Sorry boys, probably not really one for you!

There is a tab on my WordPress site which holds a link straight to the shop.  You can also get to the shop here.  Here you will find cosy hoodies in a range of colours, perfect for keeping you toastie pre and post race.  There are also short and long sleeved t-shirts for you to peruse as well as fitted vests.  I’ve even designed a mug for your morning brew and I have some super special car window stickers coming soon that I hope you will love too.  Now us off-roaders can shout out to the world how proud we are to run like girls, getting muddy and loving it in the hills!

The first day the shop opened we made some sales so I am keeping my beady eye out at the next few fell races to track down those ladies and get snaps of them in the snazzy new kit.  Big thanks to them for supporting this new little venture.

If there is one thing I have learned from the fell running community it’s not to take yourself to seriously and to be able to have a laugh with your fellow runners.  Not only do I hope this new clothing range is comfy, practical and useful but also a way to nod to your fellow off-roaders and share your mutual appreciation of this fantastic community.

Happy running (and shopping) x

A few items from the range, lots of colour choices in each of the designs to choose from

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  1. ultramtw says:

    Considering so many of the outstanding lady atheles in the trail/fell/ultra scene ..I would be happy to, one day when I am fitter, #runlikeagirl !!


    1. There is so much inspiration out there at the moment isn’t there, male and female!


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